DADA.BG provides both the traditional classroom language courses and also online ones. Now you can choose the best option for you depending on your educational and personal needs. You can join a study group in one of the following languages: English, German, French;

If you prefer online courses you will only need a computer and an internet connection. Online training is the perfect opportunity to learn new language without wasting your valuable time in travelling to the training center. Thanks to DADA.BG, you can now decide for yourself when to have your classes. You don’t have to rearrange your schedule all the time in order to join a certain group. If you don’t live in Sofia or even in Bulgaria, you can still take advantage of DADA.BG services.

Online training is very suitable for:

  • Women with small kids who are trying to find a balance between family obligations and personal development;
  • Working people, who don’t have much free time;
  • Students, who enjoy using new technologies in their study routine;
  • People, living away from Sofia, who don’t have the opportunity to attend traditional classroom courses;



English has turned into a integrant part of our everyday life mainly thanks to the new technologies which we are using all the time. That is why studying English has turned into a necessity. It’s interesting that the tendency has not only spread among teenagers but also among adults.

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Speaking German is now considered a huge advantage when applying for a job as most business partners these days are from Germany. The opportunity to study in some of the most prestigious universities in Europe, which are situated in Germany, is not to be underestimated.

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Although French is considered to be one of the most difficult languages to learn, it is still very popular among people who want to learn a new foreign language. The reasons for this interest can be found in the numerous possibilities for career development available for people speaking French.

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We work hard in order to constantly improve the quality of our services. Our programmes are aimed at people who want to put into practice everything they learn in class.