Web Design


Module 1: Basic terms. HTML

Structure of HTML document. Descriptive and executive part of HTML- document. Symbols Formatting: font, size, color. Hyperlinks. Graffic elements in HTML document. Tables. Forms. Frames.

Module 2: Web Images

Export GIF images from GIMP. Create JPEG images. Create PNG files. Page layout. Color scheme and images.

Module 3: CSS

Stages in creating a web site. Design, build and publish a site. Site maintainance.

Module 4: Java Script

Vocabulary. Comments. Data Types. Variables. Key words.

Module 5: Publish web pages on Internet

Finding a host for the page. Getting own domain. Transferring files onto server.

Module 6: Introduction to SAP system

Product Overview. Navigation. Basic terms in SAP applications. SAP services.


50 hours.

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