Training with vouchers

Training for free with vouchers by the Оperational program "Human Resources Development" 2007-2013 - "I can more" 2012

Trainings in English, German and French languages, as well as Computer literacy with voucher, delivered by The Center for Vocational Training "ASAP" Ltd.

The program "I can more" starts in 15.08.2011. It is an extension of the program "I Can" and through it every  employee may receive a voucher for free language education  and training in computer literacy. Like the program "I can" ,  "I can more", is governed by The National Employment Agency offices.

Important: The information concerns only  people who have already applied for this program "I can more." Currently, the labor offices do not accept documents for new candidates!


Once you have applied and received approval, you should  receive a declaration by the labor offices. To be included in our training courses,  you must bring this declaration in our office at:  "Tsar Boris III" N 93 to fill and sign it. The next procedure is to sent the declaration to the labor office, where you will receive a voucher. Then we will make a contract, which gives you the right to participate in the trainings.


Language training         Levels

English                            A1, A2, B1, B2, C1

German                          A1, A2, B1

French                            A1, A2, B1

Computer Literacy

Training for working with Access;

Training for working with MS Office;

Training on Project;

Training for work with Windows XP.

 Dates for language courses:

 03.09.2012 - we accept notifications till 31.08.2012
 17.09.2012 - we accept notifications till 12.09.201.

Dates  for Computer Literacy:

22.08.2012 - we accept notifications till 17.06.2012
27.08.2012 - we accept notifications till 24.08.2012
03.09.2012 - we accept notifications till 31.08.2012

Terms of learning a language course:

 You have to pass successfully three levels of 100 hours each (total 300 hours for the whole course);
 Course Duration - 6 months (2 months for each level);
 Required participation in classes is between 12 and 14 hours per week (possible absences - 20% of each level).

Conditions for training course in Computer Literacy:

    Passing a course with a total of 45 hours;
    Course Duration – a month – a month and a half;
    Required participation in classes is - 8 hours per week (possible absences - 20% of the total number of hours).

Important: The Center for Vocational Training "ASAP" LTD does not require extra pay for the training, and provides free educational materials. The voucher covers 100% the cost of your education.

If you have already received your declaration from the National Employment Agency, you can contact us to discuss your training options.

Искате да научите повече ? Пишете ни на или се обадете на телефон: 02/ 903 59 33.