Level A2

Level A2

Appearance and personality

  • describing the personality, subjective impression, clothing, tolerance and prejudice;
  • definite article + adjective + noun, pronouns anyone/any / all - "dieser","jeder" / "alle".

School, education, profession

  • desirable professions, profession satisfaction, school system, career choice, career opportunity, job search, CV;
  • narrative Past tense of modal verbs, subordinate sentence.

Entertainment and TV

  • TV program, broadcast setting tips, songs;
  • reflexive verbs with prepositional complement, interrogatives and pronouns "wofü" / "dafü", conditional mood KONJUNKTIV II.

Industry, business and economy

  • troubles with the car, car production, professions related to cars, shift work;
  • gradation and comparison, the passive voice - Passiv.

Family and personal relationships

  • what do we like about someone, family problems, parents and children, education then and now;
  • using of the infinitive form of the verb with "zu", subordinate sentence with "dass", past narrative tense -Präteritum.

Nature and environment

  • types of landscapes, weather, environment protection, "mountains of garbage";
  • structures with "es", relative pronouns, subordinate sentence: relative sentence.

Germans abroad and foreigners in Germany

  • travel preparations, experience along the way, game: desert travel, working abroad;
  • the verb "lassen", using "zum" + verbal noun, indirect question, infinitive form with "um zu", and a subordinate sentence with "damit".

News, politics and history

  • news, parties in Germany, the electoral system, the two German states 1949-1990, unification of Germany;
  • prepositions with possessive, phrases with prepositions.

Reading books

  • poetry, books reviews.


  • 5 tests to do after every second lesson;
  • listening exercises / CD;
  • FINAL TEST "Themen Aktuell 2 " - a test that is to be completed after the end of the level, made by experts of TEST.BG Training Center;
  • many additional exercises from grammars from TEST.BG library.

Second level covers level A2 of the European reference framework for language education.

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