MS Excel


Module 1: Introduction to MS Excel

Start Menu. Open/ Close the programme. Open/ Save a new book. Main settings.

Module 2: Basic rules

Text, numbers and formulas. Move across the sheets of a book. Work with multiple sheets. Add, remove, move, copy sheets. Insert rows/ columns.

Module 3: Formulas

Main operations. Build-in functions: SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, COUNT, ROUND. Addresses. IF/ VLOOKUP/ HLOOKUP.

Module 4: Charts

Create a chart. Templates: column, line, bar, pie, area, scatter charts. Formatting. Data analysis. Print comments for the cells. Create a macro. Macros application.

Module 5: Introduction to SAP system

Product Overview. Navigation. Basic terms in SAP applications. SAP services.


50 hours.

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