Level B1

Level B1

This level prepares students for "Zertifikat Deutsch" exam by Goethe Institute.


  • presentation, greetings, dealing with uncomfortable situations;
  • Reading Comprehension: Part 1;
  • reflexive and reciprocal pronouns.


  • describing houses, interpretation of statistics, correction;
  • Reading Comprehension: Part 2;
  • conditional mood - Konjunktiv II, declension of the adjective, complex compound words, passive voice with modal verbs, adjunct for a direction.

Leisure and fitness

  • assessing, arranging, advising, presenting arguments, expressing wishes;
  • Reading Comprehension: Part 3;
  • advice with "sollte"-should, prepositions for time, grading, conditional mood - Konjunktiv II.


  • talking about habits, arranging a meeting, invitation to someone, defining, organizing a party, transfering a prescription;
  • Linguistic diversity: Part 1;
  • reflexive pronouns in accusative and dative, relative sentence, complex compound words, sentences with "wenn" and "je ... desto"; adjectives formed from nouns "weil" and "denn".

Education and profession

  • comparing and commenting, asking for an advice, counseling, summarizing information justifying the opinion;
  • Linguistic diversity: Part 2;
  • "obwohl" and "trotzdem" - although ang even this; "lassen" conditional mood on the past.


  • describing people, talking about an event, retrieving and providing information;
  • Listening comprehension: Part 1;
  • When- "als" or "wenn", "bevor"-before, "nachdem" – after; antonyms; "Plusquamperfekt".


  • giving an advice, insisting on something, asking for a service, disputing and finding a consensus;
  • Listening: Part 2;
  • imperative orders and other forms, sentences with "to" "um ... zu" and "damit".


  • shopping habits, buying clothes, definition of terms;
  • Listening: Part 3;
  • grading, complex nouns, the verb "werden" in passive voice and future tense.


  • eaving a message on the answering machine, talking about an experience, expressing an agreement and disagreement, stating the reasons, summarizing information;
  • written expression;
  • reasons (1): "weil", "denn", "deshalb".

Travel and Mobility

  • complaints, calming, naming reasons;
  • oral examination;
  • future tense, reasons (2): "weil", "da";, "wegen";
  • sample test for the exam Zertifikat Deutsch of Goethe Institute.


  • 5 tests to do after every second lesson;
  • listening exercises / CD;
  • FINAL TEST "Themen Aktuell 3 " - a test that is to be completed after the end of the level, made by experts of TEST.BG Training Center;
  • many additional exercises from grammars from TEST.BG library

Third level covers level B1 of the European reference framework for language educating.


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