Level A1

Level A1

First Contacts

  • greeting and introduction / personal introduction and presenting other person / spelling, phone call, calculation, profession and origin, asking questions;
  • narrative speech, question with and without interrogative, the order-form you, present tense;

Household items

  • naming and describing objects, prices - understanding and recording;
  • definite and indefinite article, negation in the sentence, possessive pronouns.


  • describing the eating habits, ordering and paying in a restaurant, complaints and compliments during eating, buying groceries;
  • accusative case, verbs with a change of the root vowel, modal verb "möchten" – “wish”;

Leisure time

  • things to do in your free time, arranging an appointment, sending a request for information, writing a postcard;
  • verbs with separatable prefix, modal verbs "können", "müssen", "dürfen", telling the time.


  • describing home, talking about the furniture, information on prohibitions, writing a postcard to friends;
  • definate and indefinite pronouns, adverbial pronouns for a place.


  • describing complaints, giving advice, making someone do something,
  • modal verb "sollen", order form for singular and plural, Perfekt  - structure and examples.


  •  providing information on events and activities, continuing story, giving orders, telling about something that happened;
  •  Perfekt , personal pronouns in the accusative.

Guidance in the city

  • describing the road, naming the advantages and disadvantages;
  • prepositions with changing cases.

Purchases and gifts

  • expressing wishes, suggestions for gifts -  rejecting and consent, writing an invitation, expressing desires for purchases;
  • Dativ, grading adjectives, indicative pronouns in accusative.

German language and culture

  • giving biographical and geographical data;
  • Genitiv - possessive / genitive /.


  • 5 tests to do after every second lesson;
  • listening exercises / CD;
  • FINAL TEST "Themen Aktuell 1 " - a test that is to be completed after the end of the level, made by experts of TEST.BG Training Center;
  • many additional exercises from grammars from TEST.BG library

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