Center for vocational training “ASAP” Ltd. is established with Order № 4/ 03.01.2012, issued by the president of NAVET – Mr. Deyan Pushkarov. The license is under the following number: 201112944.

Principles of CVT “ASAP” Ltd.:

  • Perform its activities with compliance to the active legislation of Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Establish partnerships with state and local authorities, chambers, NGOs, vocational and research organizations, active social groups;
  • The CVT doesn’t tolerate any forms of direct or indirect discrimination

The main purposes of CVT “ASAP” Ltd are as follows:

  • To provide and certify vocational trainings of unemployed and employed over the age of 16 with acquiring a vocational qualification degree.
  • To provide high quality trainings, which consist of combination of excellent theoretical preparation and practical exercises.



CVT "ASAP" provides training in 10 specific areas. Our educational programmes are based on the Law for continuous education and learning, other state educational regulations, European strategies anad programmes for life-long learning.

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CVT “ASAP” Ltd. can deliver trainings and certifications, organize seminars and provide consultations on educational opportunities.

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Work Areas

CVT “ASAP”Ltd. works in the following directions:qualification and motivation trainings for better presentation on the labour market.

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Training with vouchers

CVT "ASAP" Ltd. provides training for free with vouchers under the program "I can more" 2012 in the following areas: training in English, German, French and Computer Literacy.

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Want to learn more? Email us at help@test.bg or call us on +359 2 903 59 33


We work hard in order to constantly improve the quality of our services. Our programmes are aimed at people who want to put into practice everything they learn in class.