Level A2

Level A2

New Headway Pre-Intermediate А2 (third edition)- help students revise and enlarge their knowledge, acquired through New New Headway Elementary.  The system draws a comparison between the following verb tenses:  Present Simple- Present Continuous; Past Simple- Past Continuous; Past Simple- Present Perfect; Future Tense-  Use of “Will” and “Going to”.

The provided reading materials are taken from authentic resources ( newspapers, interviews,etc.) and present interesting information.  The main purpose of New Headway Pre-Intermediate is to consolidate students’ knowledge on verb tenses.

There are a lot of exercises on problematic grammar issues like: the word order, the use of subsidiary verbs, prepositions, definite and indefinite article, etc.

The Vocabulary for this level includes a set of 1500 words, but the exercises help students learn even more.


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